When you wear a HANI Helmet, which is tailored to fit the baby's deformed head, Protruding part of baby's head touches the inside, slowing head growth, and the flat part grows into space in the HANI helmet. And the helmet shape is modified according to the growth of the baby's head continuously.

Correction Time and Period

When the baby starts to cover the neck, it can be smoothly corrected between 3 and 18 months. The HANI Helmet is worn for up to 23 hours a day based on the growth of the baby, and depending on how much time it is worn, the correction period and results may vary. Therefore, wearing a HANI Helmet in the number of young months can be effective and shorten the period of wear.

Correction End

In the case of Plagiocephaly, the head is measured and ends when the left and right sides are less than 5mm, Brachycephaly or Scaphocephaly measures the baby's head and ends by calculating the deviation based on the proportion. Also if the baby is too old to bring enough effects through the helmet, the program may end.