How are you? I am Jungmok Lee, CEO of HAN Healthcare Inc.

We have witnessed these people for a long time and finally developed HANI Helmet, Orthopedics appliance.


“Many caretakers are still worried about what to do about the deformed head, but some have given up because they can’t find a solution in time or because of other difficulties. I have watched these people for many years and developed HANI Helmet(Orthopedics appliance)


HANI Helmet is a medical device, and the quality of the medical device directly affects not only for the safety of patients and users, but also its effectiveness.

In order to maintain and manage the quality of management system, we have obtained ISO 13485 certification from the International Standardization Organization.


ISO 13485 certification is a standard that stipulates requirements for an organization’s system that provides additional services for designing, developing, and installing medical devices. We have obtained ISO 13485 certification for exporting HANI Helmet to overseas markets such as the United States and Canada.


‘Using ‘Generation beyond the next generation’ as the slogan of the company, I will make better products and programs through steady R&D to spread the spirit of business bureau across the country to the world.