HANI Helmet(Orthopedics appliance) was founded to alleviate the concerns of parents and carers who are worried and worried about the baby’s deformed head.
The Gasan Center is located in the Gasan Digital Complex, where lines 1 and 7 pass. If you come far by train, you can come to Seoul Station or Yongsan Station on line 1. You can come by subway in 35 minutes or 23 minutes, respectively. Also, if you drive by car, you can access the Nambu Circulation Road next to it. The building is located on B2F and 20F above ground, so you have plenty of parking space.
The Pangyo Center is located near Pankyo Station on Sinbundang Line. For those who come by subway, it takes about 15 minutes to walk out of Exit 4 of Pangyo Station, and for those who come by bus, go out to Exit 3 of Pangyo Station and take the village bus No. 75 from the bus stop of Geumtocheonkyo. It takes about 10 minutes. Also, for those who drive by car, there is Gyeongbu Expressway and Seoul Outer Circulation Road next to it. It is easy to access, and there is a large building including a shopping mall, so there is plenty of parking space.
The Cheonan Center is located near Dujeong Station, where Line 1 passes. If you are coming by subway, it takes about 10 minutes on foot from Exit 1 of Dujeong Station. Also, if you are coming by car, the Gyeongbu Expressway is right next to it, so it is easy to access, and parking in the building is free.
If you visit the center for correction, you will be able to stay for 30 minutes to 2 hours, and not only the parents but also the baby will be less bored if it is not as comfortable and unfamiliar as my home. So, we’ve made it fun to stay with the interior in a friendly atmosphere, like the Kids Cafe.
As a company that manufactures braces in the future, we will actively reflect our parents’ opinions so that we can provide better products and services through R&D. And based on the spirit of the venture, I will always be consistent with new and ingenious ideas and meticulousness that do not overlook trivialities.